Email Onboarding for Prevention

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Background: Flat sales and poor user experience led the Prevention folks to rethink how they were talking with their customers via email.

Step 1: Welcome them with 21 days of fun, informative emails that introduce the brand and its benefits, as well as sell Prevention-branded and Rodale products (books, DVDs, etc.)–without sounding like a sales pitch. (No big deal, right?)

The first three emails are shown below.

Subject Line: Welcome to Prevention


Subject Line: We’ve got exciting stuff to share


Subject Line: Tell us more about you




Step 2: Experiment! Topics, lengths, frequency, ratio of content to commerce–we tinkered with all the variables for over a year. And for most of that time, we were sending one email a day.  I was busy coming up with countless concepts and copy strategies.

Below are three of the best.

Subject Line: 4 Moves That Banish Bra Fat



Subject Line: Start Your 2-Week Turnaround Now



Subject Line: A Strong, Sexy Belly from Yoga? Yes!