Welcome Email & Online Community

At Jefferson, our Learning Management System (LMS) software was complex. Our LMS admins needed training to gain access, plus ongoing help with tasks like pulling reports, uploading content, and figuring out where all the buttons moved after an upgrade.

Problem was, we had one person supporting hundreds of LMS admins enterprise-wide.

So we created an online community to communicate with them. Below is our welcome email and a brief video of the community experience.



Turn on audio, please.

And keep a few notes in mind:

  • Community Welcome Video sets the right tone: friendly, helpful, collaborative.
  • UI design, white space and simple copy make the space easy to navigate.
  • End-user help is presented in native platform (SAPJam branded as myJeffHub at Jefferson), but created and maintained in documentation platform (Confluence).
    • WHY? Research showed more employees used myJeffHub than Confluence.
    • Confluence served as a SSOT.
  • Blog posts introduce new features in-depth.

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