UX Copy for Telehealth Knowledge Center

Telehealth Knowledge Center is an online community/group for Jefferson employees who conduct and/or facilitate telehealth visits.

When COVID-19 hit and demand for virtual appointments skyrocketed, our doctors and administrative staff needed to get up to speed on the technology fast.

This space gives them quick access to training information, help guides, and everything telemedicine


Technically, we created TWO spaces.

Research showed more employees used myJeffHub (Jefferson’s branded SAPJam platform) than Confluence (our preferred platform for creating and maintaining documentation).

To optimize the presentation of content, we created and promoted Telehealth Knowledge Center (above) on myJeffHub.

To ease maintenance of technical documentation, we created Telehealth Help Center on Confluence as a SSOT and linked to it within Telehealth Knowledge Center.

Edit once, update everywhere.

This video demonstrates the user experience navigating both spaces.

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